@@@@@@Test program development

@@ IC testing is an integration of technology and becomes more
@complicated and difficult now. People graduated from school will
@not put IC testing as first priority while looking for jobs. However,
@it is one of the supplier chains and becomes a bottleneck in this
@industry gradually.

@@BEST-iic would like to contribute ourselves in this field and provides
@test program development service on:

  1. IC test program development according to testing specification
    , testing plan and device data sheet.

  2. Test pattern conversion from design simulation format to ATE

  3. The standard RD simulation such as VCD, EVCD, WGL and
    STIL and special customized format all can be converted.

  4. To support customer to choose a suitable ATE according to
    requirements and resources.

  5. Hardware solutions for load-board, probe-card, socket and
    change kit.