IDDq design and testing solution


  Test time (cost) reduction           

  Test data quality improvement

  Product quality and reliability improvement


 Q-Star Test’ static/quiescent current measurement instruments
 (also referred to as Iddq or Issq modules) serve a wide range
 of applications:

    Standard and advanced Iddq tests

    Stand-by current measurements

    Power-down current measurements

    Bias current measurements

    Average current measurements

    Analog DC and low frequency current measurements


 Equally, Q-Star Test’s dynamic current measurement instruments
 (also referred to Iddt modules) serve a wide range of applications:

    Dynamic and transient (Iddt) current tests

    Power profiling of circuits and systems

    Active current consumption

    E-fuse programming validation


    Improving your Device Quality by

      Extended IDDQ measurements
      Advanced IDDQ test strategies
      Fast Low Current measurements

    Static or Dynamic Power Profiling on

       Semiconductor devices

       Electronic circuits and systems

    Dynamic Current Analysis

    Fast measurements of Leakage Currents.

    Highly accurate “normal” Current Measurements
       by tiny high resolution modules

    Fast and precise measurements of bias, stand-by,
       power-down currents

 Q-STAR modules can come with various smart on-line data analysis

  –capable to support the user with various data analysis functions
   on the module itself and thereby accelerating the data processing.

 Effective Cost Reduction is another key benefit from using Q-STAR

  Higher Speed ( up to 100x on IDDQ Measurements) reduces the
   number of required test cells.
  –Tiny instruments (modules) directly fit on Probe Cards, Load or
  –Advanced quality control results in higher yields.

 Besides its modules Q-STAR likes to support/consult you any time

  High quality Engineering work DFT and Test Strategy Improvemen.

      Qstar Product

    Product list

    Add-on module

     Wide current measurement range – up to several A
      •Wide capacitor load range – up to several uF
      •Simple control interface – 3-wire
      •Easy integration

      Q-Star Test Solutions

    Reduce Test Time & Costs

      Reduce number of test vectors
      Minimize Test Repetitions

    Improve IC Quality and Reliability

    Support Fast and Easy Failure Analysis

    Improve Test Data Quality

      Better Decision making